Do you ever get the feeling that you are a fake?

Waiting for someone to find out that you aren’t as good as they think you are.

That they will realise they picked the wrong person for the job.

That the person they choose doesn’t really have the foggiest what they are doing.

Living with that fear that when they find out what will they do.

What will you be able to do when they realise that you can’t do what they think you can.

You won’t be able to earn the same money.

You will need to review how you live.

What will you do, how will you survive, where will you go.

That paralysed fear sometimes can stop you in your tracks.

And all of this despite people telling you how good you are, praising you for your work, glowing reviews and despite all of that you still feel like a fraud.

How do I know?  Oh I used to feel the same.  It was like a hidden disease I used to carry round with me eating myself from the inside out.

BUT know you can change this.  It does need to continue to be like this.

You weren't born with this.  In fact they even give it a name - did you know that?

Imposter syndrome and the beauty of it?  If it has a name that means other people suffer with it too!

Yes you heard right.  Who knows how many people suffer with it but just imagine if all of those people that you fear will find you out are also hoping that they don’t get found out!  Imagine that!

Or that you start to work on your self worth and self love and realise it is all just an illusion.

You are good enough.  You may not know everything but you have some special talents thatthe world needs more of and it should be recognised.

You appreciated the stuff you were good enough at and recognised there could be stuff you could improve.  All from a place of love.

To wake up knowing that how you were showing up today was good enough and that each day you would try new things, learn new things and strive to be a better person.

That’s all it takes.  A decision to at least work on this crazy imposter syndrome.

Otherwise what’s the alternative?  Spending the rest of your days wishing you were different, worried of the shadows and hoping things will change.

Hope does not change things.   Wishing does not change things.  Action does.  I hope you realise that and start the journey to realise imposter syndrome is not a disease, it is just an illusion.  Work under it, over it, through it to the other side.

Imagine what you would like life to look like in the future, free from this syndrome.  How would you be living, how would you feel, what would you be doing, what would you see?  Imagine that.

Start to treat yourself better.  Talk to yourself as you would a friend.  Support yourself, love yourself and appreciate yourself for all the good you have to offer.

I promise you life feels so much better when you cross over and yes as you grow.  It may show up again but you know it, you recognise it and you greet it like an old friend.  You know now how to work through it.

Good luck my friend.  You are incredible.  The key now is for you to believe that from your core.

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