Photo courtesy of Dana Kyson at Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Dana Kyson at Unsplash

When we think of superpowers we may think of Wonder Woman or Superman who are fictional characters that put on a costume and go out in the world to do good.  We grow up seeing these characters as someone to admire and aspire to be, although we know we are never going to fly or have superhuman strength.  But what if I told you that everyone had superpowers and they didn't need to don a lycra outfit to use them.  Phew I hear you say.

Well it's true.  Every single person has a set of superpowers that gives them special abilities.  Every person has them although they may not be able to recognise them.  In fact they can be so busy focusing on what they don't have or can't do that they miss the superpowers at the end of their fingertips.   Now if there is one thing we can learn from all of those fictional characters - not everyone can do everything.  But the great things is that each human has a range of superpowers that are unique, special and add value in some way.

Types of Superpowers

So here is a little glimpse into some of the superpowers:

- what if you were someone who had the ability to see things, to create a vision for the future for yourself and for others to see and follow

-  what if you were someone who had the ability to connect and bring people together 

- what if you were someone that had really good listening skills and you could just make other people feel better by your kindness

 - what if you were someone who could look at the detail and find problems what others cannot see 

What can take away/affect your superpowers

So these are just a small handful of the different superpowers that people may have.  One of the most important things to recognise after knowing your own superpowers is how they can be affected.  

I have vivid memories of watching superman as a child and the effect that kryptonite would have on him and it would take away his superpowers.  Well we humans are the same but each of us have different kryptonite so we just need to know what they are.

So what does that mean in a work context?  Well here are some of the things that can affect certain people's superpowers.  Stress, being isolated in their work,  working in conflict, working on repetitive detailed work, lack of recognition.  What can be one persons superpower can be another persons kryptonite.  Left unchecked this can have a serious impact on your superpowers.

The key is to know your superpowers so you can use them in your day to day life and know what your own personal kryptonite is so you can be aware of environments, situations and people that may affect your own superpowers.  Then it really is up to you what you do about the things that are affecting your superpowers.  

Another great thing is you can also then spot what other peoples superpowers are and appreciate them for what they bring and also to empathise why they may struggle with certain tasks or social situations.  Knowledge is power.

Through the work that I do, I help individuals and teams to understand their superpowers and the way I do this is through using a personality profiling system.  If you are interested in finding out your own personal superpowers, how you can use them and what is your own personal kryptonite please click here to get in touch.