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Are your beliefs holding you back?

Photo courtesy of Jurica Koletic at Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Jurica Koletic at Unsplash

We all have them. Since we were little humans we have been forming the beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.  They were given to us by those people closest to you.  Our family, teachers and others in authority and then continually re-enforced through life experiences.  But here’s the truth, they are beliefs that are either helping us move forward or holding us back.  Helping us to think positively or negatively about ourselves.

You can have hopes and dreams but the reality is that when what you want and what you believe are out of alignment you get something called a chaotic vibration (and then you get chaotic results because of it).  Ever experienced that?  Yep that’s the chaotic vibration in action right there.  You wonder why everyone else can do the things that you want to do, yet something seems to hold you back.  Or you feel motivated and get started on something yet before you know it you have lost the momentum and you slip back into your old ways.  Oh yes it those pesky beliefs in action.

There are 2 major limiting beliefs that all others stem from and they are “I am not good enough” or “I do not deserve it”.  Limiting beliefs left unchecked and unchallenged will keep you stuck in situations and thought patterns that will make you feel like crap.  Limiting beliefs have a field day feeding self doubt, so if you want to dissolve your self doubt, then the fastest way to do this is  working to change your limiting beliefs.

"If you think you can or you think you can't you are probably right"

You may have had a person in your life who told you that you would never amount to anything in life (yes my science teacher once said that to me) or you might have had people laugh at you when you spoke, so you believed that you weren’t smart (yes again that happened to me when I swapped school when I was 10 years old).  These beliefs follow us into adulthood and can be the difference between us following our dreams or playing small.  Here's just a few example of how they pan out.

- You may think about pursuing a new challenge and you are all excited but before you know it your doubts start to flood in

- You think about putting yourself forward for something and then you start to convince yourself that maybe it's not right for you

- You get offered the opportunity to do something that you have always wanted to do and suddenly you worried you are not the right person and they have got it wrong

- You think about starting that new idea and then all of a sudden you think you need to study more

But herein lies the good news.  You can change your beliefs.  Oh yes I told you it was good news! If you want to think and feel differently about yourself then the best way and quickest way to do this is to work on your beliefs.  I call it BE-cluttering, instead of de-cluttering which you associate with things.  Here we are BE-cluttering the beliefs that no longer serve you which helps you to change what you think at a sub conscious level.  Cool hey!

So just take a minute to think, is there something that you would really love to do?  Are you current beliefs holding you back from taking action?  If so, then please reach out.  I would love to help you create some new empowering beliefs that help you move towards the career or business that you would love to create.