Do you want to know what makes you tick?  Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself? Do you fail to recognise your strengths? Do you want to be able to communicate better with others?

DISC Personality Profile is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung and it allows you to become more self aware.  You will understand who you are and what is good about being you.  It will also help you understand about behaviours of your personality that could be holding you back. It will highlight what does and doesn’t motivate you.  It will also tell you how other people should communicate with you and also the no nos when they communicate with you.

Getting to know your personality style will help you to seek out environments that help you flourish.  It will also help you to strengthen communication between you and others.  It will help you to complete that job application or nail that job interview.  It will also help you to develop communication strategies that will help you when you have to engage with others, which will help to build relationships with people that you would normally struggle to communicate with.

You will complete an online profile that takes under 10 mins and then we will book in a skype call for me to feedback your personality profile and you will leave with so much more clarity about who you are and an action plan for the next steps to developing yourself.  You will also receive an 18 page report for you to keep for future reference.