Hey there, I'm Trisha and I work with heart centred businesses who want to help their teams to flourish and thrive in the workplace.   With Imposter Syndrome being prevalent more at work than anywhere else and affecting 7 out of 10 people, it is most definitely a hidden epidemic.  From CEO to Administration Clerk, it affects the brightest, smartest people, so of course helping them work through this will boost their productivity, performance and importantly the factor most difficult to measure, their wellbeing.

“Coaching and NLP has really changed her way of thinking, enhanced her confidence, and in turn improved her performance at work. She has become much more resilient and now runs a very successful desk, smashing her targets month after month”

-Jennifer Taylor, Ashberry Recruitment

From being a HR professional working in the corporate world for over 20 years and now supporting small businesses, I know some of the common pitfalls that organisations can face.

It feels like there are never enough hours in the day, you and your managers are already stretched to the max and whilst you care about your people, you don’t have the time, the resources or sometimes the internal skills to attract, manage, motivate and retain the right people consistently. There can be many blindspots.

So, how is Imposter Syndrome affecting your business?:

  • As it shakes and breaks the confidence of individuals, the power of your teams is depleted
  • Creativity and innovation are threatened as it steals the voice of your ideas people
  • Recruiting the wrong candidate for a new role, which also has an impact on recruitment and training costs as well as business performance
  • People being promoted into positions without the correct support
  • Clash of personalities and conflict between managers and team members
  • Team members having too much workload but not having the systems and processes in place to work smarter
  • Managers not having the time or skills to deal with employees who have been performing highly but have shown signs of stress or low confidence and it could be affecting their performance (performance management and disciplinary action are not the solution)

So how can I help your business?  My passion is to working with heart centred businesses and managers through delivering the following services:

  • DISC psychometric personality profiling to help you understand your recruitment candidates and employees personality type
  • Coaching for newly promoted managers to empower them to meet the demands of their new role
  • Coaching for employees who are experiencing difficult times at work so they can find a path through rather than be blocked by obstacles both perceived and real
  • Delivering workshops or attending your conferences to talk on various topics around Imposter Syndrome and how it affects the workplace and how to support people through this

“Trisha has helped my management team to develop their mindset, understand how to communicate more effective with others and identify and implement new solutions. This has been brilliant and had a valuable contribution to the performance and productivity of the management team”  

- Dave McFarlane, My Dry Planet

Psychometrics - DISC Personality Profiling

Psychometric Profiling has been around for many years and is becoming more popular in businesses to help understand people in minutes rather than weeks and months. 

DISC Personality Profile is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung and is a 4 style model that is simple, memorable and actionable.

The key benefits of using DISC profiling in your business include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding candidates personality style as part of the recruitment process to see if they are a fit for the role and the company
  • Provides leaders in your business with more self awareness on their own management style that allows them to understand why they behave the way they do and allow them to understand how they need to adapt their style to effectively manage their team to boost productivity and performance
  • Helps leaders to understand the strengths and growth areas of their team members
  • Empowers employees to understand themselves and others to build and strengthen relationships
  • Activates insight on the bottom line - recognising the personality types of your customers and suppliers so you can adapt your communication to strengthen relationships

“Having used DISC profiles recently as part of a team development exercise, I was extremely pleased with the level of detail and insight the report gave me.  The report was very easy for the employees to complete and has been an invaluable exercise for not only one to one coaching development but has helped both me and the individuals identify their strengths and areas of development...I took the opportunity to also have a profile completed on myself to allow me to understand the different characteristics of my personality and the impact of myself on others and how to adapt behaviours to create better results. In summary, this is the best profile tool I have ever used”

- Michelle Peagam, HorrexCole