I'M ON A MISSION TO HELP PEOPLE dissolve imposter syndrome in their lives and i believe the more we talk about this taboo subject, the more we can help people break free of it. 

I am available for speaking gigs within businesses, media, PR and corporate events as well as to deliver an inspirational message to young people.

According to research 70% of people will suffer at some time in their life with bouts of Imposter Syndrome and its effects can be felt in corporate board rooms around the world as much as it can amongst teens.  

I'm passionate about sharing advice, insight, motivation and inspiration on how we can recognise Imposter Syndrome in ourselves and how to dissolve it, creating empowering self belief that will ultimately allow us to get out there in the world and shine brightly.  How do I know, because I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  I know how shitty you can feel when you are stuck in a bout of Imposter Syndrome, yet I know how amazing it feels to move through it and start to create a life you love and deserve.  I know what it feels like to go from hiding in the workplace to thriving in the workplace!

Key to this mission is getting up in front of people with an attention grabbing, thought provoking message to deliver the insight that will transform lives, relationships and businesses!  

So, whether it's bringing an impactful new perspective to school through to university aged audiences on how to take control of their life and career paths, or delivering a super engaging keynote to employees in the workplace on how to boost their performance and productivity, I can support you at your events.

Trisha visited our offices to deliver a thought provoking workshop on Imposter Syndrome, as part of our Graduate week. The outcome was a bespoke, interactive and affirming session understanding centred around understanding Imposter Syndrome, identifying the symptoms, self-assessment tools and strategies to begin to eliminate self-depreciating thought processes. Trisha is very knowledgeable, relatable and extremely personable which has left a lasting impression on our Graduates; Trisha provide a safe environment for understanding and reflection, in addition to real-time techniques and practices to assist them in shaping their mindsets for their future careers.
— Sarah Niblett Lindo, Head of HR, ADM Group

Speaking topics include but are not limited to:

  • Smash the glass ceiling in the workplace: Why we create this ourselves and more importantly how we can break through it

  • From faking it to making it: How to dissolve the self doubt and step into your power

  • How to tame your Inner Imposter bitch: You are not a fraud, you just gave that bitch a stage and a mic.

  • How to get started even when you don't feel ready: Having that burning desire or dream but something is holding you back from doing it. Learn how to break free, move forward regardless of how you feel.

  • The hidden epidemic in the workplace: never mind absence, discover the real drain is the effect of presenteeism in the workplace and how to overcome it.

  • How to survive and thrive in meetings: go from fearful to fierce by just being more of you

  • Be your own superhero: the world needs more of them

I am open, and very happy to, create bespoke talks and workshops absolutely focussed on your specific needs and the message you need your audience to walk away with.

Trisha delivered an imposter workshop at our office managing to capture the attention of her audience for 90mins - no small feat. The workshop was incredibly informative, well structured and engaging. Her content would be suitable for anyone, whether they recognise themselves as someone who has or is suffering from Imposter Syndrome or not. It was a pleasure working with Trisha, from start to finish, and I would highly recommend her to any organisation/team interested in understanding the power of the mind on our feelings and actions.
— Nilofar Sarwar, Enterprise Account Executive at New Relic

why choose me?

  • My background is working in business. After spending 20 years working in Human Resources for some of the largest corporates in the UK I have first hand experience of what life is like working in fast paced businesses

  • My passion in life has always been about helping people.  Spending 20 years supporting people in the workplace I have first hand experience of the struggles that employees face in the workplace and from a fresh external perspective I can help to resolve these issues, leaving your managers to get on with their day jobs

  • You want someone who not only talks about a subject but has lived through it (yes thats me!).  Guaranteed you will always get an authentic message from me as someone who has walked the walk and happy to share some of my stories  and key learnings to help others break free of Imposter Syndrome in their life

  • I am very Q&A friendly and also bring my northern sense of humour and attitude to any event, engaging with your audience before, during and after the event to ensure that they feel part of the conversation and not simply a spectator.

  • With a wealth of first hand experience, I can craft a speaking engagement to the needs of your audience.

Trisha recently did a talk at one of my CWS Creatives Meet Up events on Imposter Syndrome. CWS Creatives is a group for female creative business owners and entrepreneurs - a group well versed on the negatives of Imposter Syndrome for sure! Trisha was so engaging and clearly very knowledgeable about the topic. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from my members, all of them left feeling inspired and equipped with the tools to deal with Imposter Syndrome when it comes knocking. I’ll definitely be booking Trisha to talk again!
— Morgana, Founder of Coffee Work Sleep