Hey there, I'm Trisha and I work with heart centred women who have created success in their lives, yet they don't feel like they are a success (yet!).  They have this niggling feeling that they want more but they have this one thing standing in their way ... themselves!  

Working together we embark on a journey of self discovery, building self awareness, dissolving self doubt, building lasting self belief and create a life they love and deserve on their terms.  

“By feeling more confident in my abilities, I feel more self confident as an individual. Whilst this is still an area I am working on, when someone tells me I’m good at something, I believe them"

-Joanne, Corporate Learning and Development

Group coaching with me offers a unique experience allowing you the space to connect deeply with your life, achieving the change you desire and walking the journey with a select group of people doing the same.

In my signature programme "Get out of your own frigging way" 8 week online coaching programme, we will work on specific topics that will allow you to get clarity around where Imposter Syndrome is showing up in your life and where it stems from.  At the very heart of this programme we will help you get super clear on how Imposter Syndrome is holding you back, those old beliefs and stories that no longer serve you and replace them with new empowering beliefs along with proven tools and techniques to create more self belief to create the life you really want.  

You will leave this programme knowing more about who you truly are and aligned with what you truly want in your life.  You will leave with more clarify, confidence and commitment to create the life that is aligned to the true you.

So if you are ready to get out of your own way and create a life you love and deserve, then sign up below to be kept informed when the next course is running.

“Trisha really helps you to get clarity and real insight when you are ‘stuck’. She is a genuine, kind and wonderful person, who it is an absolute pleasure to work with”

-Katie, HR Professional

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Online Programme