julie, business consultant 

I have now known Trisha Barker for over a year, and can honestly say I have never found a coach so warm, welcoming, assuring, and positive but in equal measures, down to earth, practical, sassy, and action orientated. I have had both 121 coaching and completed an online, 10 week online coaching course  - called - Get out of your Own Friggin Way, and both have had a major impact on how I now view myself and how I now ‘AM’ and will ‘BE’. Trisha has shown me how we can be our own worst enemies, when trying to accomplish success. I am a procrastinator extraordinaire, however no longer – I now get stuff done.   I also now reward myself when ‘stuff’ is achieved…and I love it. I now view my To Do List – as my Achievement Tasks, and I love the feeling each day of having achieved loads, rather than having ticked off  lots from a long list! It makes me feel as if I have moved forward, instead of treading water. Also as someone who is Self- Employed, I regard Trisha as ‘My Business Mentor’, as it can be a lonely place, and she is the best Cheerleader – with tough but ‘with love’ talking about how to move forward  and also away from the ‘Things. Feelings, and Thoughts’ that are holding you back.

She is genuine, caring, thoughtful, passionate, fun, inspiring, concerned, and succeeds in getting you to take the actions you need.

I would highly recommend Trisha!

Gillian, business owner - child development

What is a life coach? Well it's not what I thought it was. 

If you asked me 6 months ago I would have thought it was someone that rich people who weren't happy with their lives employed.  I would have seen it as a weakness, a failing, a shortcoming.  How wrong could I have been. 

Until recently my perception had been that successful people who have the qualities to motivate, lead and inspire others didn't need a life coach. I was by my own judgement successful professionally and blessed with a wonderful family. I'm a confident leader and wondered what people would think about me needing a life coach.  However, I was under a lot of work pressure, my life didn't seem in balance and my soul didn't sing like it used to.

When Trisha was offering one hour free deep dive coaching sessions I jumped at the chance and all my perceptions about life coaching disappeared. Forget the life bit, it is just coaching like any other coaching, but the project you are working on is the most important one you'll ever tackle, YOU.   It's not your life that needs changing. It's how YOU react to things, how YOU make decisions about things and how YOU feel about things that might need to change. Your life being different is the consequence of doing this. The changes that you make to get their are the journey and the journey is always the most important bit.

From the work I have done with Trisha I have realised that I am good enough when giving 80, 90 and 95% and not everything has to be done at 110%.  I have a much better work life balance and feel that I make more choices for myself rather than falling into things. Consequently, there is more joy in my life.

The best thing about working with Trisha was the space and time for reflection in a non-judgemental forum.

I now have a better work life balance, which I know is easy to say. It’s not just the things that you can see like having a day off work. It’s also a change in mindset that makes it easier to leave work  behind when I switch off my computer.

Anyone who would like to make some changes to their life, no matter how big or small will benefit from some coaching from Trisha.

Being able to book online sessions makes it’s so easy to fit in rather than having to travel to a face to face appointment.  It removes another barrier for busy people.  

Trisha has the ability to help you change your day to day experience of life, without tearing up your existing life.   

Becky, entrepeneur - health and wellbeing

I had previously worked with psychologists but I didn’t understand what coaching/NLP was.  From working with Trisha my relationship with my sister is vastly improved! I believe in myself, I dared to dream about what my life would look like for work, relationships etc and I have my dream job because I had a clear vision of what I wanted. I am much more positive and I dare to dream, I don’t go with what everyone else tells me to do.

The best thing about working with you is your so fun and positive and help bring out the best side of me. You allowed me to think outside of the box and dream and aim big and you can achieve your goals. I also respect myself more in work and in business and I have realised my worth.  

If people have relationship blocks or work blocks or if they are feeling down on their life or stuck in a rut and genuinely want to change but they are lost I always recommend you. The help you offered me was invaluable.

It’s challenging. It’s not easy, it can be very emotional and gets you thinking and sometimes things have to change but all for the better! Anything worth changing is hard but worth it in the end.

Thank you. You’re awesome.

Joanne, Creative Writer and Entrepreneur

I knew Trisha previously from the corporate world so my only slight concern was the transition from the Corporate Trish to the self employed Trish and how that would work out.  But I am glad I took the leap to work with her.  She has a very natural and calming approach and I liked the way she challenged my thinking without making me feel stupid.  However, she may be calm and gentle with her coaching style, but she is not a soft touch and she will keep you challenge you and keep you on track.

Now I am 100% more confident in my beliefs and actions and feel like I can tackle all of life’s obstacles with more ease. By feeling more confident in my abilities (less of a loser and more of a winner!) I feel more self confident as an individual. Whilst this is still an area I am working on, when someone tells me I’m good at something, I believe them!

I also realise know my values and I recognised that I have compromised them at times. This has helped me really appreciate my worth and stick to my morals when I feel strongly about something.  Now my values are very much at the forefront of my mind in everything I do and whilst it may mean saying no occasionally or taking a route that some may frown upon, my integrity to do the right thing (what I believe in) is way more important.

I feel very empowered to follow a path away from the corporate world - it's a massive leap for me and one I wouldn't have considered 12 months ago.  The change came in my belief and mindset. I realised I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to or that doesn’t make my happy – irrelevant of the salary and nice car! More importantly I firmly believe that whatever path I choose it take it will be the right one for me and if I don’t make these changes and believe I can and will be a best selling author, then more fool me. If you want something , go and get it! You’re not a tree!You may be calm and gentle with your coaching style, but you're not a soft touch!

For anyone 'stuck' (at work or in their private life), I would highly recommend have some coaching with Trisha, especially if you are at a time in their life when you would like to feel more empowered.

I never realised why having a coach could benefit someone - I always thought it was something only stressed out corporate people had! However, I am so glad took the leap into the unknown world of coaching, as I now understand how much it as helped my develop as an individual.

I would NEVER have considered making the leap from corporate world to self employed without her guidance, so thank you Trisha!

Catherine, Head of Operations, Government Services

I was concerned that coaching may be a little too 'American' for me. Not that I am anti American but a lot of literature can be very full on claims that you completely change your life in one day.  I also needed somebody who would understand my lifestyle without passing judgment and making me feel inadequate.  In addition to this I needed my coach  to be flexible around my shift work and family life.

Since working with  Trisha,  I now acknowledge that greatness that is me.  I am more confident within and I am starting to move that confidence to the surface.  Evidence of this was going to look around another potential workplace to network in more senior circles.  This something that I had built a mental wall against but that day I smashed right on through it and it felt fabulous.   I have started to understand my personality type and others which is equally as important as I was allowing myself to get very frustrated with what I saw as other people’s arrogance and non caring attitude towards anything that they would not get a gain from.  The  week after I started working with Trisha  I was successful in a temporary promotion that was two grades higher than my substantive role.  I was propelled into a world where I felt that all eyes were on me to see if I would succeed or fail.  By developing self understanding I am succeeding in the role.  I have the confidence to deliver business at a senior level and understand other people a lot more (even though I still find them frustrating!).

With a full time demanding job and two young children life is busy.  I was terrible at relaxing and appreciating the present and being grateful for what I have and what is around me.  I always had a list of things to do and spent my life rushing around trying to achieve complete organisation and perfection.  I am learning to balance this and take some time for me.  This is something that I still struggle with but I am mindful of allowing myself some 'me' time and although I am finding it a challenge I am more aware of it and I am confident that the small changes that I am making will reap big rewards in the future.

Trisha  relaxed me. It was my hour out of a busy life that made me and allowed me to stop the world spinning and reflect on me and how I view my world, what my priorities are and more importantly what they should be.  Trisha challenged my thought processes and allowed me to have a different perspective on what had become the norm.

Even when I have had a busy week(s) and I have not allowed myself any time to celebrate my successes, your voice and image appears and it makes me stop and I need this.  

I would recommend Trisha but only to the right person.  She doesn't have a magic wand that fixes people’s problems and change their life.  People have to do that themselves.  But she challenges you to work through thoughts and actions that have become the norm and also to view life through a different set of glasses.  I would not insult you by recommending your services to somebody who is seeking the magic wand but I would definitely recommend your to somebody who is willing to engage in the change process.

I can not fault you or your service.  I feel like I've known you for years.  I like your professionalism, confidentiality and your integrity is unquestionable.  

There are no magic wands and no fairy godmothers. The only thing that we are entitled to is parental love and fresh air and the rest we have to work on but we can help each other to grow -  there is no shame in that, only celebration.

Katie, HR Professional

I don’t recall any hesitations about working with Trisha as an individual; just in terms of the ‘group coaching’ approach and potentially having to share personal goals in that forum (although I was quickly reassured on that front).

I now recognise my unique qualities and now feel that I am ‘enough’ (although this does require regular reminders, so it is a bit of a work in progress!).  I have now developed some helpful daily habits and I have achieved a significant personal goal.

It was fun working with Trisha and I felt genuinely uplifted after each session. I actually looked forward to doing the ‘homework’! I felt like I was becoming the very best version of myself during the coaching; I genuinely felt more confident, happier and more comfortable in myself… Most importantly, I know what I need to do in order to maintain those feelings (as Trisha has passed on some brilliant techniques).

Also following one of the sessions (rear view mirror), I have addressed an issue from my past, and now feel neutral rather than overly emotional about it.

Trisha really helps you to get clarity and real insight when you are ‘stuck’. She is a genuine, kind and wonderful person, who it is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again if I need to in future.

Lynsey, Business Owner, Wellness

Thinking back I can’t believe I had any hesitations about working with Trisha as it was one of the best things I have done! I do remember worrying how would I possibly be able to spare one hour a week to video call but that turned out to be the best hour a week every week!!

I have definitely overcome my very long ingrained procrastination habit!, I am much more focussed on prioritising and ignoring the small irrelevant day to day tasks that will not get me where I want to get to! I can now ask myself the question ‘what is my priority?’, ‘what is my biggest ugliest frog that I need to tackle first?’

I have also learnt to put myself first and that one of if not the biggest priority is to look after myself!

Choosing just three daily priority tasks on a list (sometimes sneaking 5 on!) , and doing an ‘what have i achieved today’ list also work well for me.

I would always look forward to seeing/speaking with Trisha every week, and every day if I needed to, to know that you have that daily support to talk something through with Trisha was invaluable and her response which was always a overwhelming positive solution was amazing!. It was lovely to see her lovely, happy smiley face every week 😊 and it does work well so as not to travel, or just have a normal phone call.

It has also helped notice how my family tackle their tasks and to try and change my daughters habits which seemed similar to my old ones!, It has made me feel much more in control,  even if I feel a bit overwhelmed which too much to do. I particularly have taken on the advice of a 6am morning just to have that feeling of doing an hours focused work before everyone else gets up is so rewarding! that is something I thought I would never achieve!

Trisha is such a lovely positive support to have in someone’s life!, I wish she could stay around forever! She is not  too pushy or overwhelming, just simply offers positive support and gets people to think and learn for themselves how to work things out and make life decisions by asking questions and pointing them in the right direction.  

I just want to thank you for everything! I really enjoyed our time together and the experience. I have taken away with me lots of new life changing habits that will remain with me forever.

Jenna, Associate Director

It’s fair to say I’m quite open-minded about these things but I did have reservations as this was something that was organised by my employer when I recently got promoted and I did initially think it might be just talking airy-fairy, mumbo-jumbo.

I learnt very quickly that 7 or 8 out of 10 is good enough and have successfully achieved a much healthier work-life balance which I never thought possible.  Trish pushed me out of my comfort zone and had me be very strict with myself – I approached this with an all or nothing attitude, in at the deep end or as Trish says ‘reach for the moon and at least if you miss you’ll fall amongst the stars’ or something like that! I quickly changed my routine to leaving the office roundabout on time and pretty much had to deal with the consequences. I analysed my day and was ruthless in terms of what was a priority, debriefed the team on my new approach which meant they had to figure things out for themselves. I feel the key is now constant reflective practice, always looking to see how I can change my approach to continually approve my productivity and efficiency. You have helped me identify my core values and understand why I unconsciously react in a particular way to certain situations etc. Not only this but how to be aware of my behaviour and thought processes, manage these and tweak them to best effect. You’ve helped me undoubtedly with my management of people, especially those with differing personality styles to my own. I receive a much better response from individual members of my team when adapting my approach to suit their personality type. I am conscious of my own reactions and behaviours and now have the tools to adapt these. I am the only one in control of my own mind and I have more control than ever before. I don’t let things take over, overwhelm me or get in a flap.

Trisha is non-judgemental and has a wicked sense of humour. She displays empathy, sympathy but also tell it like it is, no holds barred. She doesn’t just agree with everything but remains objective and has the ability to play devil’s advocate.

Love that she also has a dog in the background and wears pretty clothes!

Whilst the purpose of our meetings has been business related, I can’t deny that your help as had a ripple effect to other areas of my life.   The core values insight is invaluable and will stay with me forever.  The work life balance thing most definitely – this has seen me have more time to concentrate on me. The down time is amazing and sometimes I just do nothing but often that’s exactly what I need. Friends and family have seen a more positive Jenna who is getting her sparkle and confidence back! I was inclined to blame a difficult breakup on everything that went wrong and Trish had me see that this goes much further back than that which has been so healthy for my little heart.

The video calls took some getting used to but I appreciate this is the modern way!

All I can say is this stuff really fricking works!!!

Trisha you are wonderful and I heart you muchly and the day you are gone from my little working world will be a sad, sorry state of affairs. I will hold a minutes’ silence every year thereafter. It will be called ‘I Miss Trish Day’

I was reticent about embarking with a life coach full stop, as I wasn't sure what I could gain from it! Oh how very naïve of me! I'm not one for taking advice well (I'm usually the one giving it) so it felt totally out of my comfort zone to enlist the help of a near stranger to lead me in directions that I might not have wanted to go in! Looking back now I'm just sorry that I didn't get a chance to enlist Trisha's help years ago!

Before starting the sessions with Trisha I felt extremely competent in certain areas of my life, parenting, maintaining a lovely home, embarking upon a brand new business. However all of these things came at a cost, to my personal well being and health. I was racing at everything in my life and didn't know how to hit cruise control. I was forever berating myself for the things I'd not accomplished day to day as I never felt that my efforts were good enough despite running myself in to the ground. Trisha has made me stop and reflect on every single area of my life. She gave me a wealth of understanding on how I react to things both subconsciously and consciously and how to work around this if the result wasn't in line with what I needed. She has made me realise that despite a history (i'm so proud of using that in the past tense) of low self esteem it does not mean that my future has to feature this part of my personality. She has made me feel "good enough" to take time for myself when I need it which has had the knock on effect of making me more productive day to day in both my home life and in my work life. Coaching has also helped me to deal with one of the things that I find the most challenging about life, conflict. I can now address issues with much more confidence and understanding of what I need and what others need to hear from me (as a consequence I feel far less resentment towards the loved ones in my life).

Trisha is fun, loyal, enthusiastic, professional, emotionally intelligent, inspiring and fantastic at what she does. Although I found some aspects of the coaching difficult I always felt like I was making head way and have continued to do so since finishing my sessions.

My main area of struggle was in relation to feeling "good enough" and confident in my ability. I am able to congratulate myself now and truly believe it. My family has also benefitted from my coaching as they now know what I need from them and I know what they need from me.

I would absolutely recommend Trisha to friends, family and clients alike, I have seen first hand the difference that she can make and I trust her implicitly.

Jill, Personal Sylist

Kiki,Business Owner - Kiki Kirby Coaching , Wife, On a cancer Journey

I have known Trisha for 4 years now and she has provided me with coaching, inspiration and motivation on so many levels. The last 3 months Trisha has stepped in to run one of my coaching online programmes, which requires such trust and confidence and she was incredible. She has come and spent days with me helping me with my vision after being diagnosed with cancer, re-looking at my diet and health, my motivations and decluttering my office and home. Checking in regularly and making sure I am supported. Anyone looking for a Life Coach this lady is your woman...


I have been seeking promotion for the last few years but budget cuts to public services have made opportunities scarce and competition fierce.  Whilst I am generally a positive person I was finding it increasingly difficult to remain motivated under the constant pressure of being assessed and tested as part of my “development journey”.  Job changes and projects labelled as “development opportunities” were taking their toll on my family life and general well-being, which had the self-perpetuating effect of making me more fed up with work.  I needed to break the spiral and find a way to rise above it and present myself in the best light to my superiors in order to progress.  This inevitably meant job interviews, something which filled me with dread after some pretty poor experiences and feedback, despite knowing I could do the job in a real-world scenario.

My wife had previously suggested life coaching and I admit I was initially sceptical and dismissive.  It all seemed a bit “airy fairy” for my pragmatic mind and not something I felt I would benefit from.  However, I have always been open-minded and I had to do something to change the way I was feeling so I decided to take the plunge and give it a go.  I am so pleased I did!

I arranged an initial face-to-face with Trisha and we discussed how I was feeling and what I wanted to achieve.  This was a difficult session discussing my personal thoughts and feelings with a total stranger but Trisha was excellent at putting me at ease and simply “getting” what I was about and where I wanted to be.  From this initial session (which was free) she was able to draft up a tailored proposal which set out how we would achieve my goals.  Again, the practical cynic in me balked at the idea of paying money for something that appeared to have no real tangible outcome.  However, having now completed my course with Trisha I consider this to be money very well spent as the results have been amazing and I continue to benefit in all aspects of my life. 

Without giving too much away, throughout the sessions I was able to get a better of understanding of myself through personality profiling.  This gave me a much clearer understanding of why I feel and behave like I do, but more importantly how and why I react to situations and other people in the way I do.  By understanding this I have been able to recognise my strengths and overcome my challenges.  I was also taught techniques to lower my stress levels on the build up to big events, such as interviews, and focus far more positively.

The big test for all this work was a pending job interview.  I scrapped how I used to prepare for these and entered whole-heartedly into Trisha’s teachings.  This in itself was a big step for me but Trisha was really supportive.  Really simple things like branding it an “experiment” helped take the pressure off and using new but simple techniques I entered the interview, still with nerves, but with a new found confidence.  It clearly worked as I passed the interview and the feedback was really positive!

Longer term, I have continued to use the techniques Trisha taught me and have found it has had a positive effect not just on my everyday working life, but on my family life as well.  Situations don’t stress me out like they used (certainly not to the same extent at least!) and I feel far better equipped to deal with future challenges, including more job interviews!

I cannot recommend Trisha’s coaching highly enough.  If you feel like you’re missing something and not able to get over that hurdle that’s holding you back, Trisha can help you alter your mind set to achieve your goals and ultimately be happy with who you are.  She continues to offer advice and support and her programme is flexible to fit around your work/life schedule.  I only wish I’d done it sooner!