• They are ready to start playing bigger in their career and they know they need some support to get out of their own way and dissolve those feelings of self doubt and not feeling good enough or ready enough to step up and shine

  • They have created what looks like a successful life to everyone else yet inside they are feeling unfulfilled and their soul is not singing like it used to - they are craving for something more in their life

  • They are successful in their life but there is one problem - they just don't own it... yet. They need to overcome the feelings of self doubt and waiting to be found out and actually enjoy what they do and realise how amazing they actually are

  • They know deep down that they are destined to do something more but they are not sure what it is or whether they can achieve it but they can't ignore this feeling any longer

  • They have been so busy creating this "success" in their career or life that they have forgot about their own wellbeing and they are feel ready to explore how they can have both success and wellbeing at the same time

So if any of this seems familiar to you and you know in your heart you are ready to make changes in your career or your mindset around your career.  You know you want to build self confidence and self belief.  You want to get out of self doubt, to make some decisions and get into action to create a career you love and deserve, then see below the different ways we could work together.

She is genuine, caring, thoughtful, passionate, fun, inspiring, concerned, and succeeds in getting you to take the actions you need.



Step 1. First things first, click on the pink contact me button and let me know you are interested in having a chat with me and which programme resonates with you.

Step 2. We will set up a video call which will allow us to virtually meet and on that call I will help you to get clarity around what is currently happening in your career, how life could look like we helped you find the perfect job/career for you and what is the next steps for you.

Step 3. If you decide that I am the right person to support you then I will explain the next steps to get you started.  However if either of us decides that it is not the right fit, then I will happily point you in the right direction to help you move forward.



Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.08.44.png

Not knowing who we are and what makes us unique can feed feelings of self doubt and inadequacy, so knowing your Personality type (AKA YOUR CAREER SUPERPOWERS) is one step closer to knowing and celebrating the real you. 

Becoming more self aware and getting to know your personality style will help you to seek out environments that help you flourish.  It will also help you to strengthen communication between you and others so your confidence and presence can truly shine. Ready to discover your personality type?

Do you want to know what makes you tick?  Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself? Do you fail to recognise your strengths? Do you want to be able to communicate better with others?

DISC Personality Profile is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung and it allows you to become more self aware.  You will understand who you are and what is good about being you.  It will also help you understand about behaviours of your personality that could be holding you back. It will highlight what does and doesn’t motivate you.  It will also tell you how other people should communicate with you and also the no nos when they communicate with you.

Getting to know your personality style will help you to seek out environments that help you flourish.  It will also help you to strengthen communication between you and others.  It will help you to complete that job application or nail that job interview.  It will also help you to develop communication strategies that will help you when you have to engage with others, which will help to build relationships with people that you would normally struggle to communicate with.

Whats included:

- you will be sent a link to complete an online assessment that takes between 7- 10 mins = little time but BIG results

- a 90 minute video call where we will go through your profile and discuss your career superpowers.  I will give you tips and techniques in order to utilise them in the workplace, how to use them to  help you build better relationships and increase your productivity.  We will also put together an action plan for any development needs to support you in your career

- an 18 page detailed report which will be emailed to you after our call which contains comprehensive information about your personality type and the other types that you may start to notice in your day to day life

Price £250



We have all heard of the glass ceiling that is created in the workplace but have you ever considered the glass ceiling that you create for yourself?

Ok so here's the thing.  In our hearts we know we want more, we want to be more, to shine our light more brightly, more belief in ourselves but feeling of self doubt keep us stuck and playing small.  The glass ceiling is real but it is the one that you create yourself.  You hold yourself back, you stay in a job that doesn't fulfil you and you stop yourself believing that you can achieve whatever career you truly desire.

During the online video consultation I will understand what is happening for you right now and what you need help with.  Dependant on your needs I will create a bespoke proposal that could see us working together over a 6 week, 8 week or 12 week period.   You can expect in these bespoke coaching programmes, to have me as your personal coach (and cheerleader) and we will help you to get clarity on the ideal career/job for you, help you to create more self awareness and self belief, help you to take aligned action to move yourself forward whilst helping you to work through fears, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that could be holding you back.  

As a coach trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I have a host of powerful tools and techniques that will help you achieve results ... fast.

Dare to think of promotion?  Change company or career?  Upscale your life and/or your business?  Then let's make it happen.

Prices between £720 - £1350

Please note that all packages include a DISC Personality Profile (worth £250) as well as ongoing support outside of coaching sessions.

Payment plans are available for all programmes.



Let's spend the whole day together and let's get your Inner Imposter into shape.

The beauty of a one-day intensive is that you have my undivided attention, it's just you and me; if you are someone who want results but you want them quick, then this day is perfect for you

When we have an internal reality that has us doubting ourselves it can make us feel like crap and it stops us taking the right action to help us move forward in our career and business.

This content is 100% bespoke to you - it is focusing on what you need.  But here is an idea of what we might work on in a day.  If you need to tackle limiting beliefs that are holding you back - we will get rid of them.  If you have emotions that are no longer serving you, we will shift them. If you fail to get things done, we will create success habits. If you don't know what you want we will get crystal clear on what it is you want.  If you don't know what your next steps are, we will create a 90 day action plan.  It will be all about what you need but 100% guaranteed you will leave feeling lighter, confident, motivated and excited.

The beauty of an in person intensive is you have my undivided attention for the day and we are not time bound by single session constraints.  As working on you is important, we will meet in a wonderful luxury environment where we will take the time to enjoy the surroundings and enjoy some great food (we may as well whilst we are working hey!).

I host my Intensive Days in North West England, although I can travel depending on your location and my schedule but we can discuss this in our discovery call. 

Intensive days aren't for everyone and as the title suggests it is intensive and we will cover a lot on this day so if I don't feel this is appropriate for you, I will let you know.  I am definitely not here to sell you something you don't want or need, so let's decide if this is the right solution for you.

For the four weeks following our day together, you will have access to my continued support.  We will set up a private Facebook group where you can ask for help, celebrate your successes or ask for accountability support,  I will be making sure you are taking aligned action so expect me to be checking in on you and asking for updates.  But one thing to know is that I 100% have your back.  I will be your biggest cheerleader as I love to see my clients succeed!

Ready to chat about how this could work for you and stop holding yourself back so you can create the career you desire?

Then contact me now to schedule a time for our discovery call. 

Price £495 for 6 hours including a 60 minute working lunch break*

* Prices reflect hosting the day in North West England only, other locations may be subject to additional fees.