Overcoming Imposter Syndrome : An online masterclass to help you to stop doubting yourself and live the life you want to

Oh my god, I’m so excited to be bringing this online masterclass to you!

Does the idea of kicking your Imposter Syndrome to the kerb interest you?  Join the club.   You can’t shake the feeling that you’re faking your way through.  Despite where you are in your work, you don’t feel particularly successful.  In fact you secretly feel undeserving of your success, wondering how the hell did I get here.  You wonder how other people can’t see it – are they blind or what?  You believe it is only a matter of time before the Imposter Police coming knocking at your door and that scares the bejesus out of you.

Imposter Syndrome increases the level of stress that you feel and that is having an effect on being able to think straight and perform to the best of your abilities. I know you probably work far too hard to overcompensate for your perceived shortcomings.

You know that in order for you to thrive in your work and your life that you need to get to grips with Imposter Syndrome and stop it holding you back from showing up.  Let me show you a few tricks that helped me to get over it and I truly believe they’ll  help you too.

When is it?      Tuesday 27th November at 7.15 pm UK time

Where is it?     Well it ‘s an online masterclass that you can join from the comfort of your own home.  Perfect for this time of year, right?   After you buy your ticket you will be sent a unique link for the call along with some instructions (super simple stuff)

Can’t join me live?     Don’t worry I have got you covered.  Within 24 hours of the workshop, I’ll send to you the replay so you can watch it when it suits you.

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Is this masterclass for you?  Well the easiest way to find out is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you bored of second guessing yourself?

  • Do you fail to recognise your own strengths and achievements and disbelieve compliments you receive

  • Do you put your success down to luck, timing or fluke

  • Is fear holding you back from reaching the next level in your work

  • Do you want to let go of the fear that you’re going to mess up and you’re not as good as everyone thinks you are

  • Do you want to be able to see yourself as the bright and capable woman that other people see you as

  • Are you missing out on opportunities as you’re holding yourself back

  • Would you like to feel more confident in you and your abilities?

If you have answered YES to one or a number of these questions, then this masterclass is 100% for you!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty, what will we cover in this masterclass? I’ll help you to:

  • Identify where your Imposter Sydrome comes from how it shows up in your day to day life

  • Change your inner dialogue (stop that negative chatter about yourself)

  • Stop yourself obsessing about negative feedback

  • Stop second guessing yourself and what you have to offer

  • Drop the worry about your performance and waiting for the Imposter Police to arrest you for impersonating a competent and capable person

 So how will that help you then? You’ll:

  • Start to think differently about yourself

  • Recognise that you’re already successful

  • Start to raise your hand and speak out more

  • Stop procrastinating and start taking action

  • Start to believe in yourself and your abilities

  • Understand the number 1 reason you experience it and importantly how you can change this so that you can move forward with ease

  • Grow your inner confidence so you can recognise your own brilliance


In this masterclass, I’m going to share with you some of the tools that are normally reserved for my 1:1 clients. 

But let me warn you my lovely.  You can overcome Imposter Syndrome and learn to manage it when it crops up for you but there’s no quick fix and there’s no magic pill.  The tools and techniques that I’m going to share with you will help you if you decide to put them into practice and continue to use them in your day to day life.   Don’t worry I don’t teach you anything that takes a lot  of time.  I know you’re really busy trying to juggle everything in your life, so what I share with you are things that are easy to implement.  Minimum effort, maximum results.  Sounds cool right?

So do you want to know how these might help you.  Well since using these tools, here are what my clients have been able to do:

Start to see how amazing they really are

Start saying yes to opportunities that they normally would have said no to

Start believing in themselves and knowing they are good enough

Start to dream of new possibilities and take action to move towards it

Start to change the way they speak about themselves (both in their head and out loud)

Start to increase their own self worth which allows them to leave jobs or relationships that no longer serve them


Stop the constant negative self talk

Stop putting themselves down

Stop thinking they are not good enough

Stop holding themselves back from making changes in their life

Stop hiding away from sharing their knowledge, views and opinions

Stop doubting themselves and their abilities

Stop comparing themselves to colleagues and friends

Since working with Trisha, I can now recognise my own brilliance
— Catherine, Head of Operations, Government Services

During this masterclass I’ll share with you the necessary tools and skills so that you can grow in self confidence, feel empowered, be able to dissolve Imposter Syndrome and stop it holding you back.  I’ll teach you how to support and encourage yourself so you don’t go looking for that external validation. No one will value you as much as yourself, let me show you how.

My main area of struggle was in relation to feeling good enough and confident in my ability. After working with Trisha I now feel good enough and I’m now able to congratulate myself and truly believe it
— Jill, Personal Stylist

About Me:

You’re not alone.  I was plagued by imposter Syndrome both at school and within my career.  I used to think I was going crazy with my thoughts.  Only years later did I find out that how I felt had a name.  I was over the moon – other people felt like me.  I wasn’t going crazy after all.  So over a period of time I started to work on my mindset and habits and over time I started to notice a difference.  I started to believe in myself. Nothing else had changed yet I started to feel different, I felt happier and more content. I’m going to share with you the things that helped me to kick it to the kerb!


Some useful things for you to know

Once your ticket has been purchased you will receive an email from us and in the coming days we will share with you the login information allowing you access to the online masterclass.

  • This is a masterclass for women - it doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee. If you work in business in any capacity, then this is for you.

  • What’s included - as part of your ticket price you will receive attendance to the live masterclass, I will also send you some worksheets for you to use afterwards to support you on your journey.

  • There’ll be a playback - if for some reason you can’t make it, then fret not! You’ll get a play back of the video for you to watch in your own time. Or play again as a refresher.

  • You will need a good wifi connection - the last thing you want is to miss out on any of the content so make sure you are in a good spot where you have good wifi

  • Bring with you a pen and paper as I’ll be getting you to write stuff down and start putting the tools and techniques into action.

  • Be free from distractions - I know for you to get the most of the masterclass, you need to be somewhere where you won’t get disturbed or distracted (oh yes I know how easy that can be hey!)