Work with me


Work with me

I soon began to realise I was my own worst critic but working with Trisha I started to see myself in a different light and I am beginning to love myself for the first time in my life
— Michele, Corporate Bank Manager

I can help you slay imposter syndrome in your life and/or organisation via...


1:1 Personal Coaching

Via single sessions and my over time programs I can help you step into the confident clarity you deserve.


Group Coaching

Imagine working with a leading, specialist coach on your own goals and achieving the growth you desire personally, but supported by a small group of like minded people to bring extra commitment and community to your experience? My group coaching program offers just this

Corporate environments

Supported by my experience working at senior level in corporate environments I now specialise in supporting your team to step into their truest, most confident selves for the good of not just the individual but the business at large.