Image courtesy of Drew Graham on Unsplash

Image courtesy of Drew Graham on Unsplash

Yes we all have one.  A personality.  A type of way of being.  Everyday we are carrying out some form of tasks and interacting with other people and how we go about this can be hugely influenced by our personality type.  You may be dealing with your boss, team members, peers, and customers.  We are not all the same and that can cause some friction and difficulties if we don't understand ourselves and how other people tick.  We can also feed that pesky self doubt as we compare ourselves to others and feel envious if they have traits we don't have.

We can easily fall into the trap where we think we know right and our way is the right way and we judge others who don't act the way we do.  Come on, be honest we have all been that judgy person.   But this can be the cause of internal frustration or external bust ups.   But here lies the truth.  They just have a different personality to you and there is no right or wrong or good or bad.  Just different personalities.  

Understanding who you are and how to interact with others is the key to building sustainable

and successful relationships both with yourself and other people.

Working with businesses and individuals I use a psychometric profiling tool called DISC which allows you to find out your personality style.  After a 10 minute online assessment we can determine which is your most dominant personality style (D,I,S,C) and we will discover your unique blend of the 4 personalities.  So what are the 4 styles?  I will give a brief description and then you decide which you think is most like you.  

1.  The D Personality - so are you someone who likes to be in control, wants to be in charge, is direct in your communication and likes to set goals for yourself and others and you decide how successful your day was by the results that were achieved.

2.  The I Personality - so you are someone who can be described as a great communicator and enthusiastic.  You could be described as optimistic, friendly and talkative and you might get to the end of the day and you have had lots of interesting conversations but you might have forgot to do the tasks for the day.

3.  The S Personality - so you are someone who is described as steady, patient, loyal and practical.  You are a great listener and a great team player who wants what is best for others and you can be known to put other people's needs ahead of your own.  You might get to the end of the day and feel good if you have done a good job and been able to help others.

4.  The C Personality -  you are someone who can be described as a person who enjoys gathering facts and details and you have a tendency to be thorough in all activities that you do.  You like policies, procedures and rules to be in place.  You might measure the success of your day by the quality of the work that you produced.

So which style do you think is your dominant style?

You may feel like you are a blend of all 4 and you can have a mix of all 4 in your personality type but choose the one which feels the most like you as that can predict what your dominant style is. 

I will be sharing some blogs in the future helping you to understand more about the different personalities, how they behave in meetings, how they make decisions, how they set goals, email etiquette, how they tackle their workload, what motivates them, what their fears are.  I will also be sharing some tips how to manage relationships with the different styles as let's be honest relationships are key to the success of any individual, team or businesses.

So if you would like to find out more about DISC and how it can support you in your own personal development or as part of your recruitment process, team building or team development, get in touch and let's have a chat.  

BTW - would anyone like to guess what my dominant style is?